Discover the compound that can help you lose weight without exercise

Scientists have found a compound that can help reduce food absorption in mice. This is a huge step forward in research that could potentially help people achieve exercise-equivalent benefits from a pill alone.


According to The Independent on June 20, scientists recently reported that they had found a modified amino acid called Lac-Phe. In a study published in the journal Nature, the team of authors reported that this compound was most stimulated in the blood plasma immediately after rats were put on a high-intensity treadmill.

"Regular exercise has been shown to help lose weight, improve appetite and improve digestive function, especially for overweight and obese people" - Yong Xu, professor of pediatrics & biology molecular scientist at Baylor School of Medicine (USA) and co-author of the study, said.

According to scientists, the Lac-Phe molecule is synthesized from lactate (a compound produced after intense exercise) and phenylalanine (an amino acid that makes up proteins in the human body).

Experiments show that high doses of Lac-Phe can reduce their appetite by up to 50% after about 12 hours without affecting their locomotion and energy expenditure. When Lac-Phe was administered to mice for 10 days, the compound significantly reduced food intake, weight loss, fat loss, and increased glucose tolerance.

The study also identified an enzyme - called CNDP2 - that is involved in Lac-Phe production. Mice lacking this enzyme lost weight more slowly than other mice.

In addition to mice, the scientists also found evidence that Lac-Phe levels in the blood plasma of horses and humans increase after exercise, opening the possibility of this compound's application to humans.

According to them, sprinting is the most Lac-Phe-inducing activity, followed by strength and endurance training.

"This finding suggests that Lac-Phe is an age-old system that regulates eating and is involved in physical activity in many animal species," said co-author Janathan Long.

The authors wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how Lac-Phe affects the body and brain. "For example, the elderly or weak who cannot exercise, will one day benefit from the use of drugs that help slow the process of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and other conditions," said Dr. Janathan Long. examples of applicability.

"Our goal is to learn how to adapt exercise routines for therapeutic interventions," said Professor Yong Xu.


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